Architectural Photography

Whether you are looking for photography of your latest project, or are an estate agent or property owner, we are here to help you show your buildings off at their very best.

A clear and well-exposed picture will always go a long way to help you achieve that sale or booking, so whilst the good folk can help with all the legal stuff and know how to run the administration, they will not achieve the right look with a quick digital compact camera or even an all singing camera-phone.Our work is to take over this task for them, and show your property in its best light. After all, time is money and your agents have many things to juggle at the same time, and often the time available to take good images of a property is very limited. We will discuss your property and your requirements, and combine your needs with our expertise.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity. We understand that to many people it can be unsettling having strangers in their home; we are acutely aware of this and will represent our clients in the most favourable way we can. We also have pubic liability insurance of £5 million.You will receive a set of quality high-resolution digital images that you can print, email etc. We will happily supply the images ready-sized for your requirements.

Architectural photography brings its own challenges, with the most common one being that of the phenomenon known as converging verticals. As you point a camera upwards to include the top of a tall building, visually the top becomes narrower than the base, resulting in the building looking as though it is leaning backwards. My professional solution to this is to use specialist ‘shift lenses’ . These allow me to keep the camera vertical and in line with the building being photographed, resulting in the verticals remain just that – vertical.